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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Harambee Project: Pan Africans engaging Triangular Development on the African Continent

The Harambee Project:

Is a Comprehensive Plan to build institutional structures on the continent of Africa, on land which is autonomous (Like the Vatican and Italy), which would facilitate communications, planning and strategy building, among and between African people and it's broader Diasporan and Global Community.

1. Commerce, Trade and Cultural Tourism Mission
developing industries such as  Organic farming, Textile Manufacturing, African Art, African centered Fashion, Cooperative Healing and Wellness, Patents Procurement, Communications and ways in which triangular development strategies can be implemented in each industry which affects our daily lives and destiny. Protection of indigenous mineral rights and natural resources. Protection of Technology and mineral rights, patents and innovation. Key to this process is the Cultural tourism will be inclusive of Resort Facilities and Theme Parks which have cultural, spiritual and educational value.

2. Onyx Stock Exchange - to be administered by Pan African  economists, investment specialists and Pan African Banking entities which invite investment portfolios for Pan African Development and infra-structure projects such as cross continental rail, road construction, housing,  energy companies and airports.

3. Pan African UniversityAfrican
Curriculum which not only focuses on correcting our history, but which builds, develops and sustains our cultural heritage is such areas a science, medicine, math, health, governance, education, and ethics/law.  Also a practicum which is broad based, and supportive of demographical, sociological, geographical studies needed to formulate development proposals. roles of rites of passage, Council of Elders. Development and Expansion of our own Communications and Media Systems.

4. Cultural Center and Perfoming Arts Auditorium
this center would focus on the development and preservation of various spiritual and art forms in Africa and the Diaspora, i.e. African yoga, Capeiora, Languages, Dogon, Zulu, Yorubu, Akan. Classes and Promotion of art forms in the areas of music, film, radio, poetry and performing arts, which have African and liberational themes.

5. African Development Bank
development of banking system on the continent and diaspora, which allows our currencies to compete and which lends themselves to investment portfolios which support Pan African development projects. A necessary component part of such institutional structures is

6. Sports Stadium
self explanatory

7. Parliament House of Congress of African People (CAP)
Staffing to facilitate regular convening of Pan African Congresses to address issues of governance and political culture, in countries inhabited by People of African descent.

Ideally, this Project would operate and function on Land, which was autonomous (much like the Vatican in Italy). This, so it is not partial to any country or region, and is free to address concerns and issues anywhere within the Pan African World.
Sustainable housing communities could be built around such a compound
to house staff and locals needing quality housing. These housing communities would be self sustaining, meaning that they have their own shops, cleaners, community farming, restaurants, movie theaters.Key to this project, is the development of self sustaining industries, of which the most important are Water, Waste and Energy Management. This addition would add a continuous and independent revenue source for the Project, the host community, country and region.
In order to make this project even more attractive and a revenue producing entity, would be to add the Sankofa Theme Park and Isis Spa and Resort. revenues from these could provide sustainable funding for the cultural center activities.

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