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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Rationale, Purpose and Mission of Congress of African People (CAP)

The Congress of African People is designed to be/become a direct conduit and representative of the interest and values of African people, globally.This Pan African Congress shall be based in every region of Africa and the Diaspora, will be constitutionally based, and will an agitator and advocate for the full range and spectrum of issues affecting our Pan African Community. Ministers, will first be assigned by the Chair, based on their training, demonstrated skill, political/social/cultural consciousness, talents and/or commitment to achieving full and final liberation for our people, everywhere. A Constitutional Convention will be formulated for 2016, at which time a consensus will be formed to give further direction to the Congress, with its Role, Relevance and Responsibilities. Until then:
1. Focus areas shall be agreed upon by Consensus, via the Pan African Network Initiative, (PANI) which will serve as a Advisory group to CAP. The Chair will entertain suggestions of Ministers for each focus group, and shall articulate the direction and programmatic emphasis of each group in a Black Paper approved and agreed upon by PANI, or as determined by the Circle of Ministers.

2.The Ministers shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair and upon the consultation of PANI,  until elections are held in 2016, and shall function as a Circle of Ministers  who conduct CAP and PANI  business in the interim (each, on a probationary basis, with quarterly review of performance and/or ethics, by the COM, and if minimum criteria are not met, immediate termination without review is an option)

3. Pursuant to CAP's role of harnessing the collective resources in our Pan African Community, each Focus Group will identify others in their area of specialization to serve on Councils, Committees, and/or Commissions; and  Regional representatives will have the responsibility of identifying experts, craftspersons, artists, specialists in all sectors of our Community, including Spirituality, Physical and Mental Healers, New Education, Governance, Infra-Structure Development, Environmental Affairs, Energy, African Path to Industrialization, Agriculture and Food Security, Transportation, Housing, Collective Concern, Communications, Finance, Economic Development, Creative Production and Cultural Propaganda, Family, Youth and Child Growth and Development, Judicial Affairs, Community Life and Affairs; Defense, Intelligence and Security. These are at least a minimum.

4. Policy and Program options shall eminate from Ministers and their Councils in each sector and must be applicable for  specific Regions. These kinds of consultations are encouraged to be comprehensive in scope, and multi-dimensional in character and content. Before arriving at any policy position, all factors and consideration must be weighed based on its significance and/or value towards achieving stated and common goals, objectives and aspirations in accordance with, and guided by the Nguzo Saba, the Principles used to unite us in common purpose.

5. Once a policy option is chosen, consensus should be sought, but is not necessary in every instance, where a majority has voted. Consensus should also be sought by informing the communities via various modalities, e.g. conference calls, rallies, and/or town halls, blogs, radio, TV, or other media outlet etc.

The above are subject to amendment, revision and/or refinement thru petition, suggestion or other appropriate means.

Mission Statement Initializing a Pan African Cultural Revolution
Posted by Mwalimu W. Kabaila on February 16, 2015 at 6:41pm for the Pan African Networking Initiative

The mission of engaging a Cultural Revolution among People of African Descent, must begin with a pro-active definition of our collective identity, purpose and direction as a Pan African Community. Further, such purpose shall be defined by our common quest to restore and re-construct a Global African Village based on common views and values, common theories and paradigms, common vision of the world we wish for our children, and a common practice which seeks to transform our current social reality into one in which African people are empowered to realize their fullest potential, as free, proud and productive people. Our methodology for achieving these are inclusive of building indigenous and African centered industries, a Tri-angular (Africa, the Americas, and Caribbean) based Trade and Commerce system, a corrective writing of our history, African centered paradigms of Education, Health and Collective Concern, Governance, Finance, Agriculture, Cultural Tourism, Fashion and Design, and our love of and care for the Environment. In essence, all this is to prepare our people to become the New African Men and Women, which our ancestors died, shed tears, sacrificed and prepared us for. In their honor, we set out on this historic and monumental mission. Ashe', Hote, p.

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  1. As'e. As we celebrate the life of Baba Mzee Hannibal Afrik the importance of the mission as stated resonates. Hope all is well with you. ~DL