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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The question remains, where do we look now for the economic models which provide African people the non exploitative, capacity building economic paradigms which take us to the next level? There are several things I would propose in transition, and 1. would be what I call Triangular Development, which would lock Africa, Caribbean/South America, and Africans in America into a trade and commerce relationship. 2. In order for #1 to work we also need to work on establishing an effective African based monetary system with our own currency, banking system and Pan African Stock Exchange. 3. The last instrument in this process are African centered industries which are unique to the Global African Community. This last category would also include a Pan African Consortium of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathmeticians whose combined skills and creativity would make the Pan African World, second to none.

Raising a question about a global economy without money, without positing how we get there is difficult at best. Secondly, we as a people do not really have an independent position in the global economy. Former British colonies are in the Commonwealth. The French, Dutch, Spain, and even Portuguese have similar relationships with their former colonies. Thirdly, What I would argue for is a Pan African Union which would allow for free trade zones, people to people, throughout the Pan African Community. This would be based on developing our own unique and cultural business enterprises, e.g. natural hair products (instead of weaves and wigs which benefit aliens), Bamboo and Hemp industries, bio fuels, airplane, truck and car manufacturing, fashion and interior design, cultural tourism, etc. Fourthly, the above would require that we begin (it's already begun) our own Monetary System, including banks, currency, and financial system and procedures. And Fifthly, that we institute Triangular Trade, which would be centered around 3 key areas, Africa, Africa America and the CAribbean (incl. Brazil). This concept recognizes the strength of each sector; Africa has human and natural resources, land and culture; Africa America has skills, finance and technology; the Caribbean has land, independence, and natural resources. What is needed in this context is to design a system which takes account and advantage of these factors, respectively, while building a economy of scale within the Pan African Community which can compete in the Global Marketplace, and which creates one of the largest transfers of Knowledge and Technology in modern history. This, I feel is the economic challenge of the African Renassaince Era, and is what will define and shape our vision of a brighter future for our people, moving forward. "Toward Our Radiant Future" - Thomas Sankara MK

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  1. Ifaleke Ogunda-Tokpa OriTegunseMay 12, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    I am supportive of this idea to bring the people of Diaspora and of Africa into the Global Marketplace. We do indeed need to have an economic base, thus less dependent on other's to do for ourselves. I am hopeful that regardless of tribe, culture, religion, that we can bridge the gap and bring us all together, step by step, bit by bit. But we need to get our own individual house in order first. And for those who already have it together, we must ORGANIZE, without the unethical and immoral intent. Of course, there will be wolves in sheep's clothing (sometimes it's your own people who do us in) but we must weed them out of best we can. I do not expect perfection, but for those with good intention...this is a successful reality for us and future generations. Ase!