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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


BY Mwalimu Kabaila
Sankofa Press Proposal
Sunday, February 21, 2010
4:37 AM


One of the key issues facing continental African and Diasporan communities is the question of Unity and how to forge it. A key problemmatic in achieving this goal has been the lack of a communication organ which seeks to reach across nationality, linguistic, geographical and cultural divides, and which provide news and commentary on the myriad of issues of common concern and interest to all African peoples. A key goal of this organ is in providing information, resource and advocacy portals which allow meaningful cross-communication and exchange. This organ shall also be used to propogate for Mass Mobilizing and Organizing Efforts of those organizations and movements which remain relevant to Nation Building  and the Building of a Pan African Village.

Editorial Policy

1. Qualitative reporting on the news, events, opinions and areas of common concern and interest to People of African descent and those interested in news about Africa and its Diaspora. This, of necessity, means that our coverage will be global in scope and content, as African descendant people are on every continent, and in many and most countries. 
2. This news portal will be distinguished by its focus on Liberational and Development themes and issues and World News from an African Centered Worldview. These themes will be guided by such African secular values as the Nguzo Saba (Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Ethos), and the spiritual values of the Seven Virtues of Maat (Truth, Justice, Balance, Harmony, Order, Propriety and Reciprocity), and the Odu Ifa admonition, to "Bring Good to the World".
3. The most distinguishing feature of Sankofa editorial policy, is that where it offers critique of social reality, it will also seek to encourage and foster correctives and/or solutions which provide remedies.
4. Sankofa Press shall report on the many, varied and diverse interest groups which comprise the African Community (middle class, working class, christian, black Jews, Nationalists, Pan Africanists, artists, professionals, politicians, community organizers), with the tendency towards fostering Unity in Diversity (Operational Unity).  
5. Sankofa Press shall also serve as support for Mass Movements (Youth, Women, Rites of Passage, home schooling, Council of Elders, Queen Mothers, Block Clubs, fraternities, soroities, farm workers, etc.) among People of African Descent, which seek to Unify and promote Sustainable Development among and between continental Africans and Diasporans.
6. Sankofa Press will also seek to be a portal through which information in this digital age can be shared and exchanged in an educational format, and disseminated to African People Globally,  and those interested in our varied perspectives and Worldview.
7. Sankofa Press will also report on news and topical issues and events of a broad view which enhance and elevate our knowledge of the world and universe we live in. Our advertising and marketing policies will aim  towards creating expanding markets for African and Pan African goods and services, largely neglected by the dominant news and press agencies.


This shall be a multi-platform news service comprised of several formats.
1.Syndicated news by civilian journalists, columnists and/or correspondents in their respective areas of expertise/interest and locales.
2.Columns and articles by freelance writers, journalists and a network of civilian jounalists.
3. Blogs
4. Streaming Live Videos
5. Podcasts
6. Radio (including blog talk)
7. TV (Cable and/or Internet Protocol)

Focus Areas

1. Politics/Defense (Shield and Spear)/, Governance
2. Commerce, Trade and Economics (Currency Exchrange, Banking, Stock Exchange)
     a. International - Outside of the Pan African Community  
     b. Intra-Afirican;  Within the Pan African Community
     c. Database of Black Business Enterprises (Collective Black People Movement)
d. Economic Development Projects - Pan African
3. Development and Sustainability
    a. Water Purification
    b. Energy
    c. Housing (Architecture and Planning)
d. Infra Structure Design and Development - Bridges, roads, Waste Management, Business Practices.
4. Culture (Creative Production)
    a. Art, Literature
    b. Theater, Cinema, Dance, Spoken Word (Poetry), Comedy, Entertainment, Sport, Music, Crafts
    c. Fashion, Interior and Natural Hair Design
   d. Technology, Architecture
5. Community Issues and Lifestyle
     a. Health - Food Sovereignty, Home Gardening, Farmers Speak, Agriculture, etc.
     b. Education - Black and Africana Studies Scholars
     c. Family/Children
     d. Collective Concern - Black Social Workers
6. Communications/ Media
    a. Languages for initial Translations - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili
        1) African languages such as Bantu, Wolof, Zulu, Yoruba to be translated on as needed basis.
     b. Building a Pan African Press which addresses the needs and interests of the global African community.
7. Travel and Cultural  Tourism
8. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmatics (STEM), Theory and Practice
9. History and Griots Corner
10. African and African Centered Spirituality
11. The Fanon Column (African Psychology and it's related Subjects as Liberational Modalities)
12. The Divine Feminine Women's Corner
13. The Children of New Africa Speak
14. Food Sovereignty/Security, Nutrition, Wellness and Recipes
15. Pan African Dating Service
16. Speakers Bureau
17. Student Perspectives and Education
18. Environment, Ecology, Permaculture, Aqua/HydroPonics
19. Poetry and Spoken Word
20. Africology as a Discipline of Study
21. Pan African Online University and Academy
22. Animation Series for children and adults
23. Pan African Youth Forum - Towards Formulating Rites of Passage

The Harambee Plan approach to a Pan African News Service is to be comprehensive and multi-dimensional. In order to be/become meaningful on a Pan African level, it must address how news delivery can be multi-lingual, syndicated, cross-national, cross-cultural, and unifying. Thus, the scope of such an endeavor may be beyond just an editorial board and include consultation by National Council of Elders.

Copyright@ Simbamaat Consultants 2009

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