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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Like the River Niger, I flow throughout your Body Temple, seeking to nourish each cell and fiber, giving of the richness of all the soil I touch. I am flexible taking on the shape of whichever container I am in, and yet I maintain my basic essence, H2O. My character is firm, based on Truth, established since the beginning of time. I founded the first civilizations and introduced its peoples to the Gods of Punt, Kush and Kemet. We communed over the night fires and created a Social Order founded on Justice and Peace. We invited our Ancestors to join in these Community Meetings and asked for their wise counsel and instruction, as they had created the Paths we follow today and tomorrow. We sent out trailblazers from the land of our heritage to take the message of harmony and righteousness to all parts of the Earth. This message was heard and felt in the faraway lands of Australia, Fiji, Brazil, West Papua, India, among the Olmec, Toltec, Seminole, Cherokee, Maroons and Haitians. We migrated from Egypt and Ethiopia across the SAnds of the Sahara into the mountains of Mali, among the Dogon, through to the Ghana Gold Coast, Songhay, and on into Yorubaland where our feet touched the Pacific Ocean. Our reconnoiter is now complete, and the time has come for the Sons and Daughters of Alkebulan to Re-Unite as Family, Community, Nation, Tribe. Smai Tawi and New Kemet must be built out of the ashes of this Western World Wasted, and we must prepare for the Dawn of a New Day. We must revive the Spirits of African Gods: Obatala, Ogun, Nkulunkulu, Yemaya, Gu, Nyambe, Were, and Oba in our ambition to do as the Odu Ifa instructs us, "To Bring Good into the World". From the heights of Kilamanjaro, to the banks of the Nile, across the plains of the Serengheti, to the shores of the Gambia; From Sankore to Cape Town; from Europe, New Zealand, Columbia, Peru, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, Haiti to Antilles and Curacoa OUR People will be liberated, and United by the Warmth and Embrace of our most Ancient Tradition which lives in Ma'at. As our Kemetic Ancestors of Old, we will learn too, to become Masters of Good Speech, Emotion, Thought and Conduct. We will Re-Assert the 42 Principles of Righteousness and celebrate daily, the Values of Kwanzaa, the Nguzo Saba. This we owe to our Ancestors for the Sacrifice they made that we might be here, and to our Children, yet to be born. This is our Meditation, Hadithi, and Mantra as we Arise with the Sun, and look East, and Re-affirm as Comrade Thomas Sankara whispered to us, to Work "Towards OUr Radiant Future". Ase', Hotep 7715
By Mwalimu Kabaila

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