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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

OPEN LETTER in regards Racist/Sexist allegations against Former NSA Advisor, Susan Rice

OPEN LETTER in regards Racist/Sexist allegations against Former NSA Advisor, Susan Rice

On behalf of the Congress of African People, the Black Community is repelled by the racist and sexist allegations against former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice by Republicans and the Racist Right. The Republicans and Right used Susan Rice as a means to deflect in the Benghazi debacle, and have once again attacked her for doing her job. These are the same Republicans who, on the Eve of the First Black Presidents' Inauguration, vowed not to pass any legislation during his tenure in a failed effort to deny him a second term. These are the same Republicans who lost 4000 soldiers in the Iraq War, where there were supposed to be weapons of mass destruction, and there was found to none. These same Republicans who got nearly 150,000 Iraqi people killed in that same war, and now, want to cry about Assad in Syria. These are the same Republicans who supported an ignorant Donald's Trumps' contention that Barack Obama, was not a US citizen. I repeat, these are the same rabid, racist Republicans who seek to deny Blacks and other people of color the very basic right to vote and for women, to have the right to choose. Need we mention, that these are the very same Republicans who are willing to throw 24 million people off of health care, just so they can privatize it and give it back to crooked insurance companies? Today, we have a US President and his administration under investigation by the FBI, one who lies daily, is a groper of women and is totally incompetent to do the job he was elected to do. And, did I say, he is also, a Republican. The Republicans who lowered taxes for the rich, at the expense of the middle class, and gave people with mental illness, the ok to buy guns. These bumbling idiots have now,relaxed the laws regulating climate control. This is the President of the US, his administration, and the Party he represents who are doing all of this. And now, they have the audacity to try to deflect from all of this non-governance, to come up with some lying charges about Susan Rice acting in anything other than a professional manner, and make no mistake these charges are grounded in the Racist and Sexist nature of the American society.
This behavior on the part of Republicans and the Trump Administration must stop immediately, and the proper apologies offered to Ms. Rice. If this is the kind of reward Blacks receive for serving the interests of this country, then perhaps is would be appropriate to begin a campaign for Blacks and people of color to refrain from sending our children to defend this, the most corrupt country in the world, and where liberty and democracy are as elusive as the Sun on a rainy day. America still owes our community for 400 years of free labor, and the terror imposed on our people then and since. In addition to this, we will no longer tolerate the attack on our women, our children, and our communities. Leave Susan Rice alone!! Stop killing our children in the street, and via bio-warfare such as in Flint, Michigan.
I finish this open letter by speaking to the African American community. We did not come here as immigrants and when slaves were "freed" we did not have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of our integration into American society. Our people have faced terror and negation at every turn and in every sector. Today, with an incompetent Fake President, a rabid and racist Republican Party, and a country where political and economic institutions are in chaos, it is now, time we take on the duty and responsibility of governing our own communities. We can do this by supporting and building a National Council of Elders which represent the values and principles which unite us; building a National African American Congress which formulates and implements policy, programs and projects which pursue, promote and protect the interests and aspirations of our people; and to build a National Black Assembly which harnesses our community's resources and mobilizes and organizes our National Community at every level, in every sector and in every manner imaginable. This is our challenge in the context of the times we live in, and not to engage at this point is irresponsible and perhaps suicidal, given the idiots running this country, currently. We cannot any longer afford the luxury of being apathetic. Our future depends on it, and we must act now. All drummers are called on to issue the Drum Call for all hands on deck. Our enemies are not those outside this country, but the racists and sexists within, and we must defend our children and women NOW!!!!! 4317 MK

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