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Thursday, May 8, 2014


THE COORDINATING COMMITTEE OF THE HARAMBEE PAN AFRICAN WOMEN'S CIRCLE is issuing a call for a global conference call of all women of African descent the world over. This call is to take place on Saturday, May 24, in celebration of AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY (ALD); 10 am Eastern Time, on coordinates, 424 203 8405; PIN 713167# . The countries on the following list, may call in on the North American call, using these call in numbers; Please send any inquiries to
The impetus for this initiative began with the leadership of the Congress of African People (CAP)( and was later enjoined by the Friends of the African Union's Women (FAU)( and its Congress, as Co-Hosts. Harambee is a Swahili word meaning, "Let's All Pull Together" and is appropriate in the context of many sectors in the Pan African Community uniting together in the interest of bringing progressive change to our diverse communities. This mobilizing and organizing effort, also takes place in the context of the African Union (AU) exploring ways and means of forming a United States of Africa, which would include the Diaspora; the UN 's General Assembly declaration of this being the International Decade for People of African Descent (IDPAD); and the proclamation by a number of Continental and Diaporan leaders declaring this to be the decade of African Renaissance. This Global Conference Call is dedicated to the safe Return and Rescue of the 300 Nigerian School Girls, and the Protection of the Rights of Women everywhere!!!! AFRICAN WOMEN UNITE!!!!

Speakers and Presenters have been invited from these key areas of Interest:
1. Food Sovereignty/Security; Agriculture/Organic/Urban Gardening/Water Purification
2. Education - RITES OF PASSAGE; Literacy, Childrens Books, Child Development, Language, Distance Learning on primary, secondary and Post Secondary.
3. Health - Pan African Delivery System; Research; Clinic system; Wholistic Healing, Yoga, Reiki, Massage, herbology, nutrition
4. STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
5. Trade and Commerce - setting up Pan African trade routes; building new industries from control of our own resources (furniture making), import/export.
6. Council of Elders/ Queen Mother Circles; Abuse in Families; Collective Concern/Welfare; Elderly Care and roles.
7. Creative and Performing Arts (Role and Responsibilty); Film, Music, Dance, Theater, Spoken Word, Story-telling, Visual Arts, Fashion, Sports
8. Planning, Transportation, Construction, Mining, Communications and Waste Management
9. Personal Development - Natural hair, Hygiene, Male/Female Relations, Sexual Relations and Ritual; Divine Feminine Essence.
10. Marketing/Advertising - this is indispensable to building new industries
11. Cultural Tourism; Pan African Volunteer Corps who donate time and labor in exchange for Education/Training.
12. Preservation and Promotion of Cultural holidays, dates, rituals which unite African Women and Communities Globally.

Mwalimu Wesley Kabaila - Chairman
Sistar Zakiya Penny - Vice ChairWoman

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