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Friday, April 29, 2016


Key Elements Defining a Sankofa Journey back to Our African Identity

​1. Questioning every thought and behavior we've ever had, and where they are found to have a European or alien origin, that we do the necessary ​research to find African or African centered alternatives to them. Such thoughts and behaviors impede our social and mental progress to becoming free people. Freedom is not only freedom to, but freedom from want, toil, domination and the mental controls imposed on us through cultural hegemony. This mental control starts with, is defined by, and is maintained most of all by our belief in our oppressors religion, which then, informs our worldview.
2. Religion takes advantage of our natural capacity for Spirituality, which is defined as an emotional and intense appreciation for the higher values which promote life and development. Religion is a means of social control, which requires allegiance to a set of dogmatic premises and codes, and which promotes a distorted worldview and behaviors.

3. Dedicate yourself to reading all things African, especially philosophy such as Ma'at, art, governance such as Mbongi, culture, science, history, economics, social and spiritual practices and rituals, and our relationship with nature. These will begin to open up a whole new world which not only inspires, but will encourage further study, leading to an elevation in consciousness.
4. Reinforce this new found rise in consciousness by going to cultural and community centers, lectures, classes, festivals and concerts which strengthen this new found identity. Consider Kwanzaa as not only a holiday, but as a means of informing a lifestyle change which is consistent to an African identity. Practice the Nguzo Saba (7 Principles) daily. Explore engaging in behaviors which reflect outwardly what you are experiencing internally, such as natural hair styles, wearing African or African centered fashion and clothing, decorating your dwelling with African centered designs and furnishings, etc.

5. Build or look for a support system which shares your new found consciousness, and which also, seeks to build a new social reality which houses the new you and us. New Africans for a New World.

6. One who is culturally conscious  has an advantage in at least 3 Areas. They are A. Identity B. Purpose C. Direction. Identity is merely learning and knowing who you are, and knowing your history, heritage and establishing a Divine and Sacred Relationship with our Ancestors and giving them their proper reverence. Once we understand and appreciate our identity, then we grow to understand our purpose, which, in the Era of African Rebirth/Renaissance, is to build and fortify our Global Nation, with the understanding that we first collect sand where we are instead of running down the beach. The unification of the Global African Community was the dream of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, and we have it within our grasp, to realize it on his behalf, as our Revered Ancestor. Lastly, once we have established our identity and purpose, we are then prepared to move onto our direction which is to empower our people everywhere through building institutions and industries which house our aspirations as a liberated people, and allows us to control the productive processes in our communities, nation, and Pan African Community.

7. Once we determine our direction we have the responsibility to engage in practical expressions which empower ourselves, our families, and national and global communities. These expressions must contribute to personal and social empowerment through building institutions and industries such as Marcus Garvey, Madame CJ Walker, WEB DuBois, Mary McCloud Bethune, Paul Robeson and currently, Anna Marie Carter, aka The Seed Lady of Watts. We must gain control of the productive processes which affect our daily lives; Agriculture, Tele-Communications, Defense, Energy, Finance and Spirituality. We must build a National Black Assembly, a National African American Congress, and a Diaspora Commonwealth, which all are connected to the African Union. With this power our people can govern their own lives wherever they are. These are the Whispers from our Revered and Sacred Ancestors, and when we practice these tenets, we can. again step back on the stage of Human History as a Free, Proud and Productive People. Go Forth and Build for Eternity!!! 

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