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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The National Black Council of Elders Unity Convention for Economic and Cultural Empowerment: African Rebirth in the 21st Century

This Logo is a Suggested Symbol for this Convention only which signifies a
call to Arms of all African Peoples and to unify around the Ideology of Maat!!
Truth, Justice, Balance, Harmony, Order, Propriety and Reciprocity. In a word, Righteousness!
1. Name: The National Black Council of Elders Unity Convention for Economic and Cultural Empowerment: African Rebirth in the 21st Century
Goal and/or Objective - To Establish a National Black Agenda which will guide and direct Social Justice Movements for the 21st Century and beyond.
2. Place: Los Angeles, Calif.
A proposed Host City Committee is being identified.
3. Dates: August 17 - 21st, Marcus Garveys' Birthday
The first 3 days for Workshops, Speakers, Banquet (Enstooling Ceremony, Honoring 20th Century History Makers), Harambee Concert. The last 2 days will be working sessions resulting in Resolutions for immediate and long term action.
During the last 2 days there will also be a Pan African Fashion Show, unlike any other in history.
4. Venue Options: Convention Ctr.; USC;  Cal State Dominguiz; Southwest College
5. Theme: Taking the Sankofa Journey Towards our Radiant Future as we Build for Eternity
6. Mission: To engage, aid and assist in the building of a National Movement and Network, through the establishment of a National Black Council of Elders (NBCOE). The NBCOE’s role and function will be the formulation of a National Agenda, provision of spiritual guidance, designing of policy, priorities and the development of programs, services and various projects which will contribute to the growth, self-governance and economic empowerment of the African American Communities nation-wide, and to build models and paradigms for African Descendant Communities, globally.the
7. Purpose - To work on the establishment of a National Agenda, priorities and programs which will guide the African Rebirth Movement well into the 21st Century, by convening professional, community organizational, activist, business, and cultural formations in order that we may arrive at a collective direction for the future of the African Rebirth Movement. We will ask all organizations to work in concert and in collaboration to make this Unity Convention successful in bringing together the broadest congregation of Black organizations and peoples since the 1960's . We shall work towards defining the African Rebirth Movement by giving special attention to offering practical solutions to the many challenges facing our National and Pan African communities on a Global level. These solutions should give focus to industry building, institutional development, trade and commerce, Pan African Unity, finance, economic empowerment, cultural upliftment, spiritual enrichment, sustainable development and scientific advancement. The focus of this convention is on African Rebirth, not the evils of White Supremacy. This convention will be Pro-active, Positive, and Prescriptive.

8. Practicum: 

     A. Industry Building - Exploring ways of expanding existing industries, such as Fashion, Health, Agriculture, Communications, Waste Management, Disaster Preparedness, STEAM, Creative/Cultural Production, etc. in our image and interests, and in ways 
          which lend towards economic growth and empowerment for our people and communities. Also looking at new and sustainable industries, for which          which our community and people can play a leading role. Such industries would include Solar, Hydro and  Bio Energy, Oceanography,
         Mineralology, Stone Cutting, Currency Exchange, Finance, Aqua and Hydroponics, Archeology, Aeronautics, Governance, etc.

    B. Institution Building - A key element to African American Empowerment, is to develop the institutional capacity to not only realize our
         collective will, but having the ability to define, defend and develop our community of interests within the context of a multi-national, multi-ethnic
         society where our contributions are respected and appreciated as such. If this is so, then this writer would not only advocate for building a National
         Black Council of Elders, but also a National African American Congress and National Black Assembly. In this context the following roles would be
         be ascribed:

         1) NBCOE -  would be protector and promoter of the Values which define and hold our community together. Ma'at and the Nguzo Saba would become
              foundation for unifying ideology which unite our diverse communities, despite the respective and various philosophical and religious beliefs existing
              in our communities. In his book, Black Africa, Cheik Ante Diop challenged us to develop and/or choose a unifying ideology on a Pan African level.
              Elders would be suited to fulfill this strategic community building role, with Ma'at and Nguzo Saba as over-arching Value Systems. Also, Elders are 
              best suited to engage in Conflict Resolution, when and where they arise. They also would have ultimate authority in matters of Defense and
              Security of our people everywhere.

          2) National African American Congress - would have specific duties for formulating policy, developing and implementing  programs and projects 
               which enhance the quality of life in black communities across the country. This institution could work in tandem with the US Congress, but when 
               our interests are not served, an independent path can and will be pursued, especially given the current state of affairs of the American government.
               It is clear, that when White Racists sit at the seat of national power in this country, black interests cannot be served. As a matter of Self
               Determination, we have the right and responsibility represent and pursue our collective interests as an historic community. A Congress would have 
               representatives from each geographical location where blacks inhabit, and arrive at policy decisions which advance the progressive 
               character of our National Community. The NBCOE would provide Advise and Consent to this body, in accord with the Values mentioned above.

           3) National Black Assembly - The National Black Assembly in this context, is a means of organizing all sectors of our community as a means
               of maintaining open lines of communication between decision and policy makers and workers, unionists, churches, community groups, block clubs,                fraternities/sororities, activists, Pan Africanists, Moors, NOI, Black Hebrews, Nationalists, Youth, Women, Men, Professional Associations, etc. This body would also seek to organize each sector of our National Community, including Artists, Churches, Businesses, Professionals, Workers, Women, Men, Youth, Community Activists, Pan Africanists, Scholars around their respective interests, in order to build a collective consciousness which supports Nation Building goals and objectives.
               This body would address priorities which need to be addressed in respective communities around the country, and also serve as a body to keep 
               our national community mobilized for any actions necessary to protect and/or pursue our collective interests, including disasters, such as Katrina.
             4) Pan African Council of Elders - We have been requested by a Senator in the Zimbabwe Government, close to President Mugabe to initiate the formation of Pan African Council of Elders made up of elders who share the vision of building a World African Community. Such a body would be extra-parliamentary, and formulate policy for African descendants outside the normal channels of government, and seek to organize a people to people's movement. These body shall also build a Pan African Congress and Assembly in much the same way the NBCOE seeks to do along national lines.
            5) Diaspora Commonwealth - The Commonwealth would be an economic and governance entity which would seek the economic unification diaspora nation states,  island states and national communities living within nation states. This body would also serve to protect and promote the interests of African descendants living within such borders as the U.S., Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, England, France, West Papua, Netherlands, Australia, etc. It would also defend and advance the interests of such nations as Haiti, as its peoples pursue a path to Self Determination.
             6) Million Women March (MWM) - The NBCOE also supports the goals and aspirations of the Million Women March, 2017 as it marks its 20th Year Anniversary. We seek collaboration, cooperation, and coordination as we move forward together, "Towards Our Radiant Future" (Thomas Sankara).

The formation of a National Black Council of Elders necessary, and will serve as the hub of a National Rites of Passage structure and institution, for the following reasons:
1. The National Black Community has lacked a certified leadership cadre which, sprang up from its own making, and which represented all sectors of our National Community. The dominant society has usually created our "leaders" through control and manipulation of the media, thus to shaping public opinion. Because of our relationship with the African Scientific Institute, we now have the capacity to establish our own secure communications networks. The NBCOE is a policy making, program, formulating and project initiating institution which, bases its mandate on proven African values, principles, views, vision and aspirations. Study of the Mbongi political system and philosophy of the Bantu people is very instructive in this regard. (
2. In the African American context, our social reality dictates that our approach to the formation of a National Council of Elders, takes on the character of a United Front Structure, in order to have each sector of our National Community represented in all of its diversity. We shall define, below, what a United Front is for our purposes. Thus, it is diverse, representative of all sectors, and is multi-dimensional and founded on a system which requires adherence to a system of African values, as opposed to European laws, which can always be manipulated by the ruling/race class.
3. There are several philosophical and theoretical foundations and basis for the National Council of Elders as a United Front Institution: 
   A. The virtues of Ma’at will provide the Spiritual and Unifying value basis, without interfering with anyone's existing belief system. Rev. Dr. Nikita Imani who, wrote the seminal book on Mbongi, makes this point very clear. He is a highly respected Christian minister, but elaborates extensively on how Ma'at is a unifying ideology for all African descendant peoples. He further posits, how African values, ethics and morals serve as the foundation for African social constructs. Hence, discarding abstract system of laws, many of which contradict each other. He states that Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Order, Reciprocity and Propriety were the social glue which held Kemetic Society together for over 5000 yrs. 
   B. Operational Unity will be the second theoretical underpinning for NCOE as a United Front Structure. Operation Unity is based on the concept and practice, that we all come together to focus on common goals, objectives, plans, aspirations and mission. The purpose for coming together is not for any one person or organization to push their own agenda nor ideology. This kind of behavior would be cause for sanctions), or more. Operational Unity dictates that we pro-actively, pursue and promote our collective positive Agenda of Nation Building plans, policy and programs and that we reserve any differences for another forum, time and place.
    C. “The Battlefront is everywhere” is, the strategic and tactical lesson which we learn from the African Revolutionary, Amilcar Cabral. This precept is based on the notion that, our interests are everywhere, and that we must have them protected and promoted in every sector of society. Although, the NCOE is not defined as a protest or electoral politics organization, it can and will direct how these and other movements can assist in the achievement of our collective goals and mission. In this regard, it would act as a control, command and coordination center, where information flows in, is analyzed, and then, forwards disseminated information, commands and/or directives which serve our strategic mission.
    D. Everyone has their Role and Function in Nation Building, even agents. None should be summarily dismissed for past bad acts, though they can be isolated until such time as they may serve some useful purpose. Agents can be given bad info to take back. Sun Tzu, in his book, "The Art of War", talks at length on these kinds of tactics. It is Key, though, that we realize that we are at War, as our people are not just being killed on the streets and in police stations, but  through our food (please see NBCOE agriculture and food campaign, appendix G), air and water; which are being purposely contaminated and poisoned.  In addition, our economic sustenance is being cut off, our men are being imprisoned, resulting in the breakup of up our family units.  Our values are undermined and our visionaries are being suppressed by mass media.


The Spiritual Principles of Ma'at should serve as the foundation and basis for a Unifying Ideology as we seek to build a Unified Movement among our people and communities. Historical precedent for this, is that Ma'at held Kemetic society together for over 5000 years, longer than any other philosophical system. Our Ancestors have left us this blueprint to follow.
The fundamental Virtues of Ma'at are Truth, Justice, Balance, Harmony, Order, Propriety and Reciprocity, which, if practiced, can lead to a Righteous life and social order. The Path to achieving this goal is Self Mastery in the following areas:
1. Self Mastery of Speech
2. Self Mastery of Conduct
3. Self Mastery of Emotion
4. Self Mastery in Thought
These are further reinforced by the 42 Declarations of Innocence.

Secular Principles of Unity are found in the Nguzo Saba of the Kwanzaa Accords.
These Principles are celebrated yearly by over 55 Million African descendants globally, on every continent.
1. Unity - Operational Unity, or organizing around our common goals, objectives and aspirations. Agreeing to disagree on those matters we may differ on, but moving forward promoting a positive, pro-active and collective Agenda which brings our people together towards a common objectives and vision.
A. Levels of Unity, including self, family, community, neighborhoods, national Black community, diaspora, global African peoples, and w.
2.  Self Determination - The right and responsibility to exercise our sovereign right to determine our own identity and destiny as a people and national community, especially where our rights are continuously violated and disrespected by the dominant society. 
3. Collective Work and Responsibility - The recognition that Nation Building is a shared activity and endeavor, even a duty, as a member of the African Community. This duty requires a commitment to the Rescue, Restoration, Reconstruction of African values, institutions, monuments and most importantly, the African Personality which Franz Fanon refers to.
4. Cooperative Economics - This principle is grounded in the African concept of communitarian values, which determines that wealth is shared for the betterment and enrichment of the entire community, and not for a small elite.
5. Purpose - Our purpose is the vocation of building a National and Global Community which not only houses our collective aspirations, but allows for us develop and defend our interests as we define them, as a self-determined people.
6. Creativity - This principle has social and sacred meaning, as it refers to the quality of the community we seek to build, which is many African societies, meant "To Bring Good to the World". Thus, it is our task to leave the world more beautiful and beneficial that what we inherited.
7. Faith - Faith inspires, uplifts, elevates and sustains us as we engage in the process of restoration and reconstruction of our values, culture, institutions, lives and the paradigms which our Ancestors laid down for us to follow. It is grounded in the belief that we struggle for a more perfect and righteous world, and that within this endeavor, we, at the same time, create a New African Man and Woman.  
PRINCIPLES OF COOPERATION                                     
1. Mutual respect for the autonomy of each organization and entity to enter into this formation.
2. Respect for agreed upon rules of order and decorum when engaging in common action, in meetings, conference calls, and personal interactions.
3. Respect for the diverse value orientations and interests of persons and organizations, even as we engage in the process of merging our values and interests into a mutually agreed upon set, which moves our agenda, goals and objectives forward in a positive manner, in order to achieve intended results.
4. Commitment to engage in the sharing of resources, skills and talents which allow us to coordinate, cooperate and benefit from the unity we build and establish.
5. Sharing in the responsibility to be productive in the interest of our larger community, and to work in tandem with other generations, that we may learn from each other, in love and struggle.
6. Whatever ideology brought you to the table, leave it at the door, for our common goal is to formulate and design a Common Mission, and that mission should be our focus when we sit at the Round Table. Allow your ideology to keep you inspired when you go back to your respective organizations, but in a United Front, let our common goals guide our actions, strategies and deliberations, as we are ONE.

7. All potential for conflicts to arise, must be addressed as soon as they arise, and escalation cannot be tolerated in the interest of Community Harmony. Where any conflicts may arise between or among groups, factions, communities, entities or persons, each must submit their grievance(s) to a Conflict Resolution Board within the Council of Elders who will convene to either mediate or arbitrate such grievance in accord with the values of the African Community. African social order is not based on a system of laws, but founded on a set of Sacred Values and Principles which establish Social Harmony. When such Harmony is thrown out of Balance, Order is Re-established, and Justice served, by arriving at a Balanced Judgement based on Truth, Propriety and Reciprocity until Harmony is brought back into Balance. This is the way of our Ancestors. 
Below are suggested topics for RFP's (Request for Papers) for the NBCOE Unity Convention, now being planned for August of 2018. Los Angeles has assembled potential Host Committee to propose this event happen in that city. Other cities are welcome to offer proposals also. The following would the basis of how workshops would be formed resulting in Resolutions to be acted upon. This will be a solution and action oriented Convention. 1. Holistic/Integrative Health Care Delivery System: National, Regional and Local Dynamics a. Insurance for Holistic b. Research and Development for Holistic Prescriptions c. Emphasis on Prevention d. Wellness e. Mental and Spiritual healing f. Certification of Healers as Health Practitioners g. weaning people off drugs in favor of nutrition, plant and herbs 2. Agriculture for a New Age and Food Production for Nutrition and Medicine a. Hydroponics and Aquaponic Systems of growing food b. Building New Food Distribution System in African Descendant Communities c. Organizing a United Black Farmers Association which connects to distribution centers/Marketplaces nationwide. 3. Education a. Charter, Public and Independent School - The Path Forward? b. Rites of Passage - Role and Relevance c. Career goals based on future economic projections and industries. d. Alternative means of Funding Independent Schools and Colleges
e. Focus on key areas which are unique to the African Community, such as Hi Tech, Sustainable Energy and Ecology, Model Cities, Cultural Tourism, Pan African Trade and Commerce, Diasporan Commonwealth, Fihankra Tribe and Preservation of African Languages and Spiritual Practices and Traditions.
4. STEM - African Scientific Institute Museum a. How to make STEM patents supportive of black community development - leveraging! b. African centered Architecture..c. Communications Systems d. Agricultural innovations and new methods
e. Focus on Sustainable Solutions in every aspect of Life and how to prioritize them 5. Governance - Establishing Independent Institutions which serve as Self Governing bodies acting in the interest of African American Communities and Peoples. Papers should address how we building in the following areas. a. National African American Congress (NAAC) - Structure and Functioning of this policy making, program and project implementing entity. b. National Black Assembly - Structure and Functioning of this body representing all sectors of the AA national community which formally organizes all, and which share information, and acts in an advisory role to the Congress and Council of Elders Descendants c. Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management. d. Security, Defense and Intelligence as functions of Self Governance.
***Security, Defense and Intelligence Workshop be by Invitation only to be approved by High Elders team, and to be held at a secure location off Campus. We have intelligence specialists who will handle info from this workshop according to classified protocols. Requests to be included in this workshop, or submissions for it, will be sent to a separate email to be requested in my inbox.
e. Youth Corps/Simba Wachanga - Requires mandatory 1-2 year community service in exchange for community employment and/or free higher education. f. Collective Concern - caring for Seniors, disabled, orphaned, abused, addicted in an humane way, and consistent with African values. g. NBCOE and NAAC both, shall have Ministerial responsibilities to build Structural relationships with the AU, Caricom and all African Descendants in Diaspora, and in concert with the PFAU in building a Commonwealth and Reconstituting the Fihankra Tribe as an organic connection to our Motherland for descendants of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. h. We ask Attorneys and Legal Scholars to present papers on the means and methods of establishing Self Determined Community Structures based on African Values System, and its relationship and functioning within the Nation State of the US legal system.
i. We also ask for papers on the Friends of the African Union's concept/idea of Commonwealth for the Diaspora, and especially for those peoples of African descent who represent Nations within Nation States, and how the Commonwealth will and can represent their respective and collective interests and aspirations. Also explore the concept of claiming national status using Sea Islands. 6. Cultural and Creative Production a. Forming a National Arts Association which is made up of each arts category b. Making the Arts Self Sustaining c. Role and Relevance of the Arts in Nation Building d. Campaign to make African Centered Fashion standard dress as an economic boon. e. Role and Relevance of the Drum, Dance and Story-telling in African culture and establishing holidays which celebrate each. 7. Human Rights and the Liberation of African Descendant Peoples Globally: Cases of Haiti, West Papua, Columbia, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia. a. Building Support Movements for our peoples engaged in Struggle around the globe. b. Developing our own internal Justice system which requires repayment back to the community for causing social disharmony and imbalance. 8. Economic Development - Industry Building a. Promotion of and Campaign for the wearing of African centered Fashion by African descendants globally, and developing strategies for expanding markets in this regard. b. Exploring strategies for making Africa the Sustainable and ecological lab for the World and maintaining its natural environment. c. Marketing Strategies for expanding Cultural Tourism d. Building Communications Systems which support exchange of information between African peoples, and which allows for expanded marketing, and most of all the Establishment of an Al Jazeera type Pan African News Network, thus providing for advertising support. e. Projection of Future Industries which African Descendants can begin to prepare for and engage in for the remainder of the Century, i.e. Recycling, etc. f. Promotion around the Country of Model Cities Projects such as in Alabama and Hotep Village among the Gullah Geechee in South Carolina.
g. Building a Pan African Airlines Industry which is connected to Cultural Tourism 9. Spiritual Development a. Understanding Ma'at and the Nguzo Sag ba as Unifying philosophical and ideological systems. b. Developing a higher appreciation for African Spiritual Systems c. Understanding the difference between a Social Structure based on Values, Ethics and Principles vs. one based on a system of manipulative laws.

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