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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

OPEN LETTER to the US Congressional Republicans and the Establishment Press, ABC, NBC, and CBS, etc. from the CONGRESS OF AFRICAN PEOPLE!

OPEN LETTER to the US Congressional Republicans and the Establishment Press, ABC, NBC, and CBS, etc. from the CONGRESS OF AFRICAN PEOPLE!

As an African American and Descendant of Africans brought to this country under cruel, murderess, terroristic circumstances committed by the Whites who illegally and illegitimately invaded the lands and territories of Native Americans (also my Ancestors on my Mother's side), the latest slight and false allegation by the Fake President, Donald Trump, in his accusations against Pres. Barack Obama, are appalling and reprehensible. The current state of affairs of the US Presidency, has gone from embarrassing to intolerable in warp speed, only 40 days into current administration. It is obvious, that the only reason that this Fake President is allowed to continue with this kind and degree of insane behavior, is because of white privilege. The Congressional Republicans continue to try to excuse and circumvent his negative and neurotic behavior, while the so called Establishment Press continue trying to give him a pass hoping he will "come around", while we, and the rest of the world are looking into the glass cage, wondering, what ever happened to American moral authority and the power of democracy. As a former Phd. Candidate in Political Science at UCLA, what we are witnessing in the political institutions of the US government is an abomination, and shock to the conscience.
My African foreparents did not endure the horrors of white racism and slavery only to have their progeny assailed and assaulted again, by a "wanna be" Tyrant for President, a reactionary Congress, and apathetic, appeasing national press. My foreparents were not immigrants and did not ask to come here, but the expectation now, is that we are full citizens and we, as African Americans and Native Americans demand that this Fake President be called out for his insane behavior, and that he undergo immediate psychological examination before a real national crisis occurs which jeopardizes my grand daughter and this entire country. This is not a joke and is not funny despite SNL and the nightly talk shows. Trump now, and his administration, or lack thereof, represents the greatest threat to national security.
In the absence of any effective representation of African American interests on the national level, the Congress of African People will be pursuing and advocating for a National Movement for Self Determination and Self Governance of African American Affairs. With the racialization of national and international policy vis-a-vis the Muslim Ban, African Americans can no longer depend on the whim of governmental paternalism for our safety and welfare. As an act of Self Determination we do not seek nor need anyone's approval to act on behalf of the interests of the African American community, It is a duty and indeed a right, as clearly expressed in the Declaration of Independence, that when a peoples rights have been trampled on, and there is no redress within the existing framework of governance, then the people are expected to reshape their own lives in their own image and interests without interference. Therefore we, as a national community of interests assert our collective right to begin forming self governing formations which define, defend and advance our values, vision and aspirations for a brighter and better future for our children and grand children. We reject the rule of an insane maniac and the liars he has surrounded himself with. The Congress and National Press need to expose him for who he and his administration is, and reassert its power to put governance back into some kind of order. However, noone is expected to wait for this to happen. This country was founded on the social contradiction of Slavery, and our assimilation into the social order has never been negotiated nor our free labor for 500 years, compensated for. Today, we begin to leverage our collective resources in the best interest of our people, and assert our right to become a free, proud and productive people in honor of the sacrifices of our Ancestors. 3717 MK

PS: Should any threat or harm come to the First Black President or his family as the result of these false allegations of this Insane Fake President, he, his family, administration, and all Congressional Republicans will be held directly and personally responsible.

By Mwalimu Kabaila
Chair, Congress of African People

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